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The number of people living in Tacoma has increased five-fold during the last century. Tacoma's population had grown significantly since the early 20th century when it was only home to roughly 36,000 people. Today, there are more than 205,600 individuals residing there. As one of Washington's most populous cities, it now ranks third behind Spokane and Seattle due to its enormous growth. Although Tacoma's median age is currently at 35, it has been steadily declining as more millennials relocate there in search of the area's robust local economy and solid employment opportunities. Owning a safe neighborhood, families with young children or developing teenagers can feel welcome across the city.


Living Expenses

Tacoma's cost of living has achieved a good equilibrium between several everyday expenses. In contrast to national norms, you will spend up to 20% less on healthcare but roughly 29% more on local transportation. Home utility costs are about 30% lower than average in the United States because of the city's temperate climate. Although higher than the national average, the housing market of Tacoma is around 45% lower than Washington estimates. At this time, a Tacoma home costs about $312,200 on average. Given that the price has increased 10% in the past year and is anticipated to increase by at least 5% more over the next 12 months, the area is believed to be a hot market. However, rent in Tacoma would typically cost $1,388 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, and more bedrooms would cost you about $2,057 per month.



Tacoma, Washington, is not the location for you if you enjoy long, hot summers with lots of sunshine and little precipitation. Tacoma's climate may not be to everyone's taste, even though temperatures rarely drop below 27 degrees or rise over 88. Every year, Tacoma receives roughly 40 inches of rain. Its wet season lasts around 6 months. Tacoma's dark season, when the skies are generally cloudy, lasts from October to June, giving the city a sort of gloomy aura.Tacoma doesn't have much snowfall, and they receive 0.1 inches annually. Even during the hottest portions of the summer, you may expect lows in the mid-fifties and minimum highs around 75°F due to the rain, which can provide a good humidity level. Winter temperatures usually drop a little and stay around 35°F to 45°F.


Tacoma Attractions

Tacoma— the waterfront city—is home to numerous artistic and cultural landmarks. You may engage in multiple activities with your family in Tacoma, Washington. It offers many family-friendly activities, from galleries and museums to theaters and outdoor recreation. As a resident, you'll have plenty of time to explore the attractions and historical sites that attract more people. Tacoma's parks and areas are worth seeing, featuring anything from old churches and structures to lovely gardens, walking trails, and even a zoo The Museum of Glass, which features entertaining regional and varying art exhibits, shines brightly along with the city's background thanks to its unconventional cone shape. Additionally, a trip to the LeMay - Car Museum, where you can view a sizable collection of vintage and contemporary automobiles, is sure to please any motor aficionados..

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Tacoma, Washington, a significantly more affordable place than Seattle, has become a popular destination for youthful creative people, musicians, writers, painters, and entrepreneurs. Something makes this town the perfect destination for dreamers, young families and startups. So if you're planning to relocate here, trust us, it is the wisest decision. Moreover, using Loadedmovers–professional house packers of Tacoma to streamline your stressful moving process is the second wisest decision you can make. Our experienced movers are here to help you. All you have to do is contact us for a free quotation.

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