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Waterfront Lifestyle

Washington is known for its boating and waterfront lifestyle. Seattle's many neighborhoods have access to Lake Union. Similar to other communities, Kirkland features parks and waterfront beaches open to the public along their 25 miles of Lake Washington shoreline. With that, citizens also get access to some of the most excellent outdoor getaways in the state, from the charming and compact David E. Brink Park— which boasts lovely trees leaning over the lake's crystal clear water, to the State Park–covered in unending greenery.

Convenient Access to

Bellevue and Seattle

Many of Seattle's suburbs are designed to provide all the comforts and entertainment a citizen might desire. As one of the suburbs closest to Seattle, Kirkland is situated in what locals call the "Eastside," and a usual 20-minute trip will take you Downtown. Drivers may readily get Downtown from Mercer Island thanks to the 520, which connects them to that location.

Excellent Setting for

Nature Enthusiasts

The natural surroundings in Kirkland are among the most beautiful in the region, with lush pine trees, greenery, and trails with views of the mountains. It is also recognized as a seaside town in the Pacific Northwest. Kirkland's well-known beachfront allows people easy access to Waverly Beach Park and Juanita Beach Park. In the summertime, these transform into Kirkland residents' summer playgrounds equipped with volleyball and sunbathing. Hiking, however, is among the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. The Cotton Hill Trail and the Forbes Creek Trail are located in Kirkland–These pathways surround hikers with sights of Washington Lake and beautiful surrounding tree hues in the spring and fall.


Tech Hub

It is well known that technology has been ingrained in the culture of Seattle and the suburbs that surround it, including Kirkland–which is home to some of the largest names in technology. In 2004, Google established a campus in Kirkland. The formerly modest workplace has since grown into a 375,000-square-foot structure. Along with other well-known gaming companies like 343 Industries, Zemax operates in this area.Kirkland offers an unrivaled chance for anyone wishing to enter the technology industry or apply for positions in some leading corporations.


Heavy Traffic

There will always be traffic in a Seattle suburb; it's just a sad reality when you live close to a big city.Due to the daily commute of many Kirkland inhabitants to Seattle for work or education, rush-hour transportation in the city may be pretty terrible. You should be aware of it beforehand if you're considering moving to Kirkland. Indeed, there's going to be traffic, yet if you want to live close to Seattle, you'll have to make this compromise.

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