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Covington, Kentucky, is a relatively tiny city with 40,552 inhabitants dispersed over thirteen miles of land at a density of 3,000 persons per square mile. It ranks as Kentucky's fifth-most densely populated city, with a mean lifespan of 36.
Covington has a 79% white population, predominantly Caucasian, but it also has large black and Hispanic communities, which comprise 11% and 5% of the total population. Covington, like most American cities, unfortunately, has a crime issue. Here, crime rates are 21% higher on average. But don't let this get you down! There are several safe neighborhoods in Covington from which you and your dear ones can choose from.


Living Expenses

The cost of living in Covington is 12% less than the national average, which will please those who intend to reside here! Considering the size of the city, housing costs in Covington are surprisingly affordable at $105,900 on average, 27% less than the national average. In addition, you may anticipate paying 6% and 16% less on electricity and groceries, correspondingly, than the national average. The average rent in Covington is only $917 per month, making it a comparably budget-friendly place to live.
Covington does charge 10% more for transportation, though. Plus, healthcare costs are also somewhat higher than the national average. The typical cost of a doctor's appointment in Covington is estimated to be $111.37, while a trip to the dentist typically runs $95.68.



Covington experiences moderate temperatures year-round, similar to the majority of Kentucky, but is significantly more humid than other parts of the state. During summer, temperatures often reach a high of 86.3 degrees, while in the winter, temperature drops to a low of 22.1 degrees.
You can also anticipate more rain than usual--44.6 inches annually, but less snow (14.4 inches versus 27.8 inches). The best months to visit Covington weather-wise are often June and September.



The fact that salaries have been rising while living costs have been falling is good news for anyone trying to make ends meet in Covington, KY! Northkey Community Care and Transitions are the top employers in Covington. Meanwhile, software engineer, executive assistant, and counselor positions are the most common. The typical pay in Covington is $53k per year, with an hourly wage of $15.57.
Given that so many significant businesses and government organizations are now based in Covington. There are many prospects for anyone with a talent for administration.


Covington Community

Covington is home to 19 distinct neighborhood areas, most of which are in the city's historic north. The majority of these neighborhoods have clubs, which unite locals to improve the aesthetics and safety of their areas. The following list includes some of the top neighborhoods in Covington, Kentucky:

  • Mutter Gottes
  • Westside
  • West Covington
  • Wallace Woods

Covington, Kentucky moving advice

  • Enjoy Covington's stunning skyline.
  • Utilize Covington's top-notch public schools
  • Pack appropriately for both chilly winters and hot summers.

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