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Cost of Living

Des Moines is among the most desirable cities in the United States. It ranks as the 83rd-best location in the world and is a fantastic place for everyone, from foodies and craft beer connoisseurs to explorers and families with small children.
Upon relocating to Des Moines, residents may anticipate utility costs that are 17% and 1% lower than the national average, respectively. The cost of gas and other transportation-related expenses is also 1% less than the national median. Despite having higher incomes, living expenses in Des Moines are pretty low--making it an affordable city to buy your home, as the average home price is about 20% less than the state's average. All in all, given the variety of factors that may influence them, housing expenses in Des Moines are generally lower than those in most other cities.



Education is the priority for people migrating with children to Des Moines. The 63 institutions that make up the Des Moines Public School District include 38 elementary, 11 middle, 5 comprehensive, and 10 alternative and speciality schools. So, If you intend to move to Des Moines, there are so many choices available that you should not worry about giving your child a top-notch education.



There are many alternatives in Des Moines, whether you want a property on the outskirts or in the city center. Deciding whether you prefer a condo or a townhouse is a good idea before looking for a place to live.
So, if you're considering relocating to Des Moines and residing in a multi-family building. You can discover modern lofts and apartments, such as those at Cityville, Soll Apartments, and Flux, as well as attractive, older apartment complexes close to the city center, like Sherman Hill. As the demand for suburbs is expanding quickly, Developers are constructing new apartment buildings to meet the needs. These developments include The Bricks Waukee East and the Prairie Trail Apartments in Ankeny.


Things to Do

Des Moines offers a wide variety of weekend activities, including sports, music, movies, museums, malls, shopping, and outdoor entertainment.
Residents can take advantage of the Downtown Farmers' Market -- America's best farmer markets- between May and October. In addition to farmers, gardeners, artists, artisans, bakers, restaurant owners, and other business owners, the Farmers' Market supports over 300 rural as well as urban merchants.
Art Center is one of Des Moines' many noteworthy institutions for art and culture, allowing free entry to explore a sizable collection of works in mixed media, modern art, sculpture, and paintings. Another fantastic place to visit is the Sculpture Park downtown which houses a portion of the Art Center's sculpture collection.

Should I relocate to Des Moines?

Yes, without a doubt. Given its low living expenses and excellent spots to advance your profession, Des Moines is one of the nation's best cities, full of fascinating and active communities. Contact Loadedmovers to assist you with your relocation if you're considering moving to Des Moines.
Our competent house movers and packers in Des Moines are pros at scheduling migrations. With the aid of our many capabilities, we can quickly handle circumstances that would ordinarily be harsh and exhausting. Use Loadedmovers for an improved, less complicated moving experience!

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