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Even though it occasionally rains, Everett experiences pleasant weather. The city's climate is affected by marine air masses, which maintain temperatures at a moderate level and lessen seasonal changes significantly more than those further inland.
The typical range for winter temperatures is between the 30s and the mid-40s. On the other hand, the summers are pleasant here, with lows in the fifties and highs in the 70s.It rains a lot—49 inches annually. Nevertheless, snowfall occurs occasionally, with an annual accumulation of only approximately eight inches.

Cost of


Living expenses in the city are slightly higher than the national average, at roughly 12% more. The two most significant expenses are housing and healthcare, which are above average by approximately 28% and 29%, respectively. The average list price of a house in Everett is $235,000.
Grocery prices are 6% over average, and transportation expenditures are around 11% above the median. Utility expenses are, nevertheless, low—9% less than in a typical American metropolis. Furthermore, Washington State does not impose an income tax.



Among the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city is the Silver Lake neighborhood. This industrial and residential region, situated in Everett's southeast, has a cheaper living cost than the whole city, low crime levels and convenient access to neighborhood facilities. You can also go to the lake's banks to swim, sunbathe, or enjoy a picnic with your family. Holly is another fantastic place to settle. There are many adjacent alternatives for shopping and dining and affordable housing in this industrial, commercial, and residential region. Getting to public transportation, parks, libraries, or schools is also no problem here. The commercial district, a beautiful shoreline, and homes are all located in the Bayside neighborhood. This area's attractiveness comes from the varied architecture, tree-lined lanes, and large minor and significant enterprises.

Life at


For theater, eating, and culture, visit downtown Everett. Streets are lined with sculptures, and several museums, theaters, seafood restaurants, and brewpubs exist. There are many excellent theaters in the Everett area, including the Comcast Arena, Performance Arts Center, Village Theatre Company, and the iconic Everett Theatre. At the Schack Art Center, you may participate in seminars to learn how to make your art while also admiring displays of exquisitely produced artwork. This waterfront city also offers various events and activities during the summer.

Employment at


The city's three main employment sectors are services, technology, and aerospace. You can check for employment on the state's website if you want to work in the city. Some of the top employers are as follows.

  • Boeing– the Naval Station at Everett
  • Esterline Control Systems
  • Fluke Electronics
  • Providence Regional Medical Center
  • Snohomish County
  • Aviation Technical Services

Tips for

Moving to Everett

  • Don't forget to purchase flood insurance and bring your umbrella! The city experiences heavy rain frequently, much like the Pacific Northwest.
  • Before picking a professional movers packer, request moving quotations from different movers in the area, and start with contacting loaded movers today.
Moving is a significant decision as your entire family's future will be impacted by it. Make sure you have carefully assessed the benefits and hazards before moving forward. Hire inexpensive yet reputable Loaded Movers to minimize your worry and costs.

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