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Moving to Lakewood, you'll have to acclimate to the altitude. The city has a semi-arid climate and an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level. Summertime highs typically range from the 80s to 90 degrees or higher. Regardless of the season, there are significant differences in the degrees from day to night. The average winter temperature ranges from 12 to 50 degrees, and there is often more than 60 inches of snowfall per year. There are four distinct.



The city's unemployment rate was 7.3 percent as of March 2013 and was marginally below the national average. Lakewood is home to various businesses, and the nearby metro area is well-known for its bioscience and aerospace sectors. Jefferson County Public Schools, the City of Lakewood, Tuermo, and Denver Federal Center, are a few prominent employers in the area.


Lakewood Neighbourhood

Even while Lakewood's downtown may not have been as developed as those of many larger towns or its neighbor Denver, the Belmar neighborhood currently offers a wide variety of music venues and retail establishments to ensure Lakewood’s residents are entertained every day. A former regional mall now has been transformed into an urban setting that combines jobs, residential communities, shopping, and culture.
Edgewood, Lasley, and Addenbrooke are some of the city's other minor neighborhoods.


Things to Do

Once you relocate to Lakewood, spend some quality time outside and take advantage of the nearly 100 parks with baseball diamonds, playgrounds, grills, and tennis courts. You can visit Belmar for a more genuine downtown feel, where you'll find approximately 100 different retail establishments to pick from, making your shopping possibilities appear endless. You shouldn't be let down by the dining scene either because the region offers various cuisines, from Thai to Italian to Japanese.

Considering moving to Lakewood?

A Few Tips.

  • Give your body enough time to get used to the Colorado altitude. Keep yourself hydrated and shield your skin from UV rays, which are stronger at higher altitudes.
  • Get a wardrobe that fits every season. Ensure you have apparel for all seasons because you'll experience both bitterly cold winters and hot, dry summers.
  • Make sure you spend money on skis, a snowboard, or a kayak if you're relocating to Lakewood since you'll use them a lot!

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It's a fantastic community outside of Denver with lots to offer and convenient access to the major metropolis whenever you need it. It is a rapidly expanding city with stunning Rocky Mountain views, top-rated schools, fantastic restaurants, stores, and cafes. Our crew of Loadedmovers would be happy to assist you if you consider moving here soon. We can make your move to Lakewood more exciting. Our skilled House movers and packers have been in this business for over 8 years and provide residential and retail clients with unrivaled value and service.

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