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With 132,320 inhabitants spread over 33.7 miles, Kent has a total population of around 4,000 individuals per square mile, with 35.1 as the median age. There are 38% Caucasians, 24% Asians, and 16% Hispanics living in Kent, making it an incredibly diverse city. Foreign-born individuals make up 35.9% of the population in Kent, with Asia accounting for 54% of these individuals. Kent is conveniently located in the state's largest metro region and has easy access to Seattle and Tacoma via State Route 167, commuter rail, and bus.

Living costs in

Kent, Washington

Although Kent isn't the most affordable location in Washington, you might be surprised by just how affordable it is given that it is an urban area typically linked to Seattle. The cost of living in Kent is 9% greater on average than that of other locations in America. The typical home in Kent costs $413,600, which is about 10% more costly than the average property in Washington.
Utility costs here are almost 14% higher than the national average, and groceries are 10% more expensive. The average electricity bill in this area is $127.65, and transportation costs are about 3% lower than the US average.



For obvious reasons, those familiar with Seattle's frequently dismal environment will not be surprised by Kent's climate. You may expect beautiful weather during the summer, but the winters here will be a bit harsh. You can anticipate wintertime lows of about 36 degrees and summertime highs of 77 degrees.
Compared to other parts of the country, Kent receives 43 inches more rainfall annually than the national average of 38. On the other hand, for snow, it gets only 6 inches of snow annually as opposed to the median of 28 inches for all of America.


Top Communities

More like sister cities, Kent offers a wide variety of unique neighborhoods to choose from. There is something for everyone here, whether you're searching for a community that values seniors, a family-friendly setting, or something more trendy.
East Hill: People here are noted for being a little bit older. Retired people and couples frequently inhabit this area without children. The houses here are also a little older.
Star Lake: is a more recent development, and many houses are being constructed here. You may anticipate many families in the area.
Scenic Hill: Combines several things. Young families are settling here since the area contains an assisted living facility and an elementary school.

Make Kent your home Today!

Living in Kent is wonderful. Yes, there are concerns with cost and property. Still, only major powerhouse cities, including San Francisco and Brooklyn, can compare to the ease and opportunities of residing in an urban hub.
So, are you eager to take the next step and make Kent your permanent home? Call Loadedmovers today! Our team of professional house movers and packers in Kent will handle your move without worry at a decent cost! Please hurry up and contact us for a free quote.

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