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Are you about to have to plan a move to or from Newcastle, Washington, but you just don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself? Why not contact a skilled professional working with you rather than wasting your time stressing about the overall process? That’s when Loaded Professional Movers, Kent’s reputable and professional house movers, come to the rescue. Our movers always go above and beyond to guarantee that your relocation tasks are completed flawlessly.

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Given that it started in the 1850s when a wave of eastern settlers started moving into the region, Kent is one of the older cities in Washington. Kent was a modest agrarian community for a significant portion of its early history, with farming providing most of its minimal income.


With 132,320 inhabitants spread over 33.7 miles, Kent has a total population of around 4,000 individuals per square mile, with 35.1 as the median age. Kent is conveniently located in the state’s largest metro region and has easy access to Seattle and Tacoma via State Route 167, commuter rail, and bus. Although Kent isn’t the most affordable location in Washington, you might be surprised by just how affordable it is given that it is an urban area typically linked to Seattle. The cost of living in Kent is 9% greater on average than that of other locations in America. The typical home in Kent costs $413,600, which is about 10% more costly than the average property in Washington. Utility costs here are almost 14% higher than the national average, and groceries are 10% more expensive. The average electricity bill in this area is $127.65, and transportation costs are about 3% lower than the US average.


There are many reasons why Kent has steadily expanded over the past few decades. With the expansion, the city is continuously growing in size and in terms of its residents. You’re in luck since Loaded Professional Movers – professional house movers, can make moving less difficult for you. Our Kent moving staff is well-versed in the city’s hidden gems after years of consistently offering dependable services in the region. Our professional movers packers can navigate the city with ease because of the expertise our professionals possess. Our clients often opted to relocate when other people were also moving, and they were astounded by the speedy relocation they experienced. Our Kent movers are quick to arrive at your service.

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More like sister cities, Kent offers a wide variety of unique neighborhoods to choose from. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re searching for a community that values seniors, a family-friendly setting, or something more trendy.

Moving your home is a significant effort that requires extensive consideration and preparation. The staff at Lodedmovers is committed to ensuring you have an easy, stress-free relocation experience as reputable Kent movers. We provide the following residential relocation services in Kent’s communities.


Local relocation possibilities: Over the past century, our business has provided family services to the residents of Kent. We assist you with your relocation from when you request your first estimate until the last box gets unpacked.

State-to-state transfer : Our state-to-state moving services involve packing, shipping, storing and securely relocating your items. While moving across state borders, you can rely on Loaded Professional Movers to securely carry your belongings.

Overseas relocation: Our professional movers and packers at Loaded Professional Movers have devised a secure and effective method for relocating people worldwide. Since we have a global network, we can handle your household cargo through a point of contact from start to finish.

A Multitude of Storage

Solutions Tailored to Our Kent Client's Needs.

You can combine our first-rate moving services with equally practical premium storage options. But as soon as you engage our movers in Kent, you can end your concerns about how well your upcoming move will go. We are aware of the recipe for success and employ it constantly.

Full-Service Storage: Store your possessions in our spacious, well-protected, and easily accessible Kent storage facility. Our storehouse is the perfect location to store your goods as it provides cutting-edge security and shielding from lousy weather.

*Portable storage: With our Portable Box service, you may load products at your convenience. Once you contact us, our professional movers packers take care of box delivery, pick-up, and storage. Your possessions will be simple to access at our Kent facility and are just a call away from being accessed or moved into a new storage container.

*Commercial Storage: Loaded Professional Movers can assist if your business is moving to a new location or needs to relocate items into storage. Our secure storage facility can handle any assets your company wants to store away, including office furniture, equipment, and gadgets.

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Living in Kent is wonderful. Yes, there are concerns with cost and property. Still, only major powerhouse cities, including San Francisco and Brooklyn, can compare to the ease and opportunities of residing in an urban hub. So, are you eager to take the next step and make Kent your permanent home? Call Loaded Professional Movers today! Our team of professional house movers and packers in Kent will handle your move without worry at a decent cost! Please hurry up and contact us for a free quote.

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